Who Am I?

About Dr. Atyia Martin

I am a wife, mom, grandmother, daughter, nerd, student, educator, creator, member of the Black/African diaspora, descendent of enslaved Africans in the U.S., disabled U.S. Air Force veteran, neurodivergent, entrepreneur, nonprofit founder, photographer, target shooter, public speaker, introvert, DEI and racial justice practitioner, emergency/disaster manager, resilience lover (urban, climate, infrastructure, psychological, etc.), climate justice advocate, organizational development facilitator, and grateful. I am all these things and more…I am me.

I have committed myself to being better and doing better every day, especially when it comes to managing myself and how I engage with other people. It has been a blessing for me to do the work I love every day. This does not mean there is no difficulty, pain, or stress…but I am willing to accept the struggle and sacrifice required for progress and joy - it cannot be rainbows and sunshine all the time.

With the busyness and chaos of life, I work hard to take moments throughout the day to appreciate the beauty of life, people, and the world - including as a part of the work I am doing. This helps me to not be so overwhelmed by the pain and suffering - my own and other people's.

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel, connect with me on LinkedIn page, and follow me on Twitter account where I share some of my journey - to stay healthy I keep the rest for myself and my inner circle. As always, I am sending lots of love, hope, and intentional action to you on your journey.