I Am Not the Ideal Friend

I know the title of this post is a bit extreme, but it is the truth.

I recently had conversations with a few people where I have owned the fact that I am not the ideal friend. My purpose is interconnected with my family, business, and nonprofit. Each of those layers of my life occupy most of the time available. Therefore, I often do not have the capacity to "hangout." I show up to support the people I care about when they need me, but I am not there all the time. My family members and the people I work with on projects through my business or nonprofit comprise the majority of those that I engage with.

Some may see that as being a workaholic. I see it as investing what I have and the limited time I have on this earth into my purpose and passion. I have encountered incredible people in the work I do -

In order to understand me better, you have to understand the concept of a social battery: the amount of social interaction or energy an individual can handle before feeling mentally and emotionally drained. Just like a physical battery that powers a device, a social battery represents a person's capacity for socializing and interacting with others.

I am an introvert and tend to have a limited social battery and often I feel the need to recharge by spending time alone after social interactions. I understand that my extroverted people, on the other hand, often thrive on social interactions and may feel energized by being around others.

To manage my social battery effectively, it's important to recognize my own limits and take breaks when needed to recharge and maintain my mental well-being. This means that I need time to myself when I am not dealing with family, All Aces, Inc., or Next Leadership Development. I work hard to communicate my needs to others so they can understand and respect my boundaries. However, I recognize that many people who have a different reality cannot understand mine - and that is alright. Although I have come to terms with this, there are many people I have encountered over the years who cannot.